More Counter Space

Black Legless Premium Cutting Board


“More Counter Space” Cutting Board/Noodle Board is an exciting, unique product that can rest on your stove top and instantly add more than 3 1/2 square feet of usable counter space. Give it to the kids and they’ll love having their own, portable space to do crafts, Legos or Play Doh.

Some of Our Amazing Customers (We LOVE Them)
Archery Farms

So happy I got one!


I’m so excited I finally got one! It’s a perfect fit for my stove top and looks so nice. I live in an older home with very little counter space so I had to resort to using my stove top using burner covers to protect my burners, losing several of those when family members had their heads up their…..somewhere….and plopped a pan down on top of cover and turned burner on. COME ON! So when I came across this I had to have one and I love it! I had several questions and contacted More Counter Space and I can’t be happier with their customer service. Shout out to Bob! He rates a 10! I received answering emails usually within an hour or so, very courteous and helpful. I had a concern about using a small appliance like a waffle iron on the cover and posed a question in the customer question section and got some great answers.


Couldn't Be Happier - The Perfect Kitchen Purchase


I knew I’d like this when I saw it. I didn’t realize that I would love it. My house was a fixer-upper and the kitchen appliances looked so bad (rusted, filthy, abused, neglected) that it will be embarrassing when I have to have them hauled away to replace them. However, they work beautifully, so I’ve been waiting for several years for one of them to fail hopelessly so that I can change them all out. Not only is this the perfect size for my regular-sized electric range (it was intended to cover the “crimes against stoves” that I couldn’t refurbish myself), but the space comes in handy, and it is very attractive with nothing on it at all. Very easy to keep clean. Very sturdy but not heavy to move or carry. When I get a brand new stove that I want to show off instead of hide, this will stay right on top of it – it is that nice and that functional. Great purchase, I would buy it again and am considering an extra to use in the laundry room.